Counseling for children that meets a child on their level.

Are you feeling...




At a loss 


due to the struggles your child has been having?

Is your child struggling with...

Frequent worrying and nervousness?

Trouble making and keeping friends?

Frequent sadness?

Difficulties communicating feelings appropriately?

Irritability or anger?  

Difficulties with adjusting to new situations?

Are you searching for...

A safe space that your child enjoys going to each week where they can explore their feelings?


Developmentally appropriate, evidence-based counseling for children that is fun AND effective?


Ways to support your child day-to-day when negative feelings arise?

If you said yes to any of the above, then Play Therapy and Creative Child Counseling can help your child heal and grow!

Would these results from child counseling be a success?

Appropriate communication of feelings

Decreased worrying and anxiety. 

An ability to manage emotions.

Better moods more often.

Higher self-esteem.

Use of coping skills.