About Me

My  name is Anthony Dimitrion. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist, and Certified Child-Centered Play Therapist.


I specialize in counseling for children, teens, college students, and adults. I incorporate understandings of neurobiology, attachment, cognitive behavioral therapy, parts psychology, and emotion regulation throughout treatment to foster greater self-awareness and a better sense of self- control.  

I am a firm believer that treatment should be tailored to each specific client, keeping in mind developmental stages, history, and family dynamics. 


Child Play Therapy

(ages 3-9)

Play Therapy is a developmentally appropriate and evidence-based approach that allows a child to process often overwhelming and unmanageable emotions through the use of toys, games, and expressive art. During play therapy, I work with children to foster healthy expression of feelings, while they learn through directive and non-directive interactions how to regulate and make sense of their experiences and emotions. 

Teen & Tween Therapy

(ages 10-17)

I provide a safe, supportive space to process feelings and current stressors through talk-based, expressive arts, and parts-integrated cognitive behavioral interventions. Counseling can increase self-esteem, reduce negative feelings, and increase emotional regulation, while providing the client with concrete coping skills that they can use day-to-day.

Therapy for Adults &

College Students

In a casual and collaborative manner, I work with clients to process feelings and current stressors. Utilizing parts-integrated cognitive behavioral therapy, we begin to establish an active dialogue with emotional internal parts that are often overwhelming and unmanageable when activated. Together we work towards increasing the ability to reduce negative feelings, increase self-esteem, and foster greater self-leadership, ultimately leading to greater sense of control both internally and externally.