Could My Child Benefit From Play Therapy or Counseling?

Every child has their strengths as well as their areas for growth--

Your daughter may be an aspiring coder, and at the same time she also has perfectionistic tendencies that raise her anxiety level.

Your son can crack a smile on just about anyone's face, but his joking can lead to disruption in the classroom and an argument with the teacher.

Play therapy and counseling are not just for children who have severe behavioral difficulties or complex trauma. They are also for the child who has low self-esteem, making it difficult to engage with her peers. And the tween who is about to transition into high school and has always struggled with adjusting to new environments. It's for the 3-year old who was in a minor fender bender with his mother while on the way to daycare, and now screams and cries when he has to get into the car. As well as the 7-year old who is having trouble adjusting to a new baby sister at home.

The playroom and counseling office provide space for a child or teenager to work through and process the many complex and new feelings they may be having about themselves, their situation, life stressors, or others in their lives. Through play, expressive art, sandtray, games, and cognitive behavioral processing (for tweens and teens) a child is able to make connections, challenge negative thinking, and ultimately make sense of themselves in relation to the world.

Key Signs Your Child or Teen Could Benefit from Seeing a Counselor or Play Therapist:

1) Worrying or anxiousness about fears big and small.

2) Difficulties sleeping at night.

3) Rebelling or disrespecting at home or school.

4) Withdraw from family and/or friends.

5) Difficulties making and/or keeping friends.

5) Life transitions or adjustment to new situations.

7) Talking down about self, abilities, or others.

8) Hyperfocus on activities they enjoy with trouble transitioning when asked.

9) Academic difficulties.

10) Experiences that may have been difficult or traumatic for the child (remember the example with the 3-year old--sometimes something that is minor for an adult may feel overwhelming for a young child).

I provide play therapy and creative counseling services that are developmentally appropriate and enjoyable for children and teens ages 3-17. I understand how important parental collaboration is during treatment and dedicate one parent-only session a month to working with you on exploring concerns, and ways we can work together to help support your child. I reach out to school professionals and other providers that play an important role in the child's life so that everyone is on the same page. If you are interested in play therapy or counseling services with me--Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW--feel free to call (609) 401-2983 or request your free 20-minute phone consultation on my website

ALL children are resilient, regardless of their age or life circumstances! Sometimes they need additional support in order to see those internal strengths.