Playful Activities to Do with Your Children

As a play therapist I encourage weekly playtime with your child or adolescent. Play is a great way to increase connection, relieve stress, strengthen the relationship, and create lasting memories with your child. Whether playtime occurs weekly at the same time, same day, in the same place, or it is spontaneously integrated into your family’s busy lives, making sure that play is incorporated into the week is beneficial for everyone!

Below are a few ideas for how to incorporate play into your family’s week:

1) Family Game Night

2) Look for a recipe with your child that you two can create together.

3) Create a scrapbook or collage with your child to add to the living room or their bedroom.

4) Create a scavenger hunt to have in the backyard or around the house.

5) Work with your child to create their very own superhero out of Model Magic or Play-Dough. Once the superhero is created, collaborate to create the hero’s very own comic book.

6) Have a tea party.

7) Ask your child if they would like to play together with the toys of their choice. Get into it! Use funny voices, make sounds, roll on the ground.

8) Put on a fashion show with old Halloween costumes, clothes, etc.

9) Put on your child’s favorite playlist and have a dance party.

10) Go outside with your child and find as many unique objects as you can. Share the objects with one another. You can even place them in a jar for your child to keep.