What is Play Therapy?

Play is the natural language of all children .  It allows them to process thoughts and feelings that they may otherwise be unable to express through words. Play also provides a familiar tool for children to learn social skills, connect with others, and learn how to manage their emotions.

Play therapy takes into account a child’s cognitive and emotional development and how that impacts treatment options.

During play therapy children use toys, games, and expressive art as tools to work through and therapeutically process thoughts, feelings and stressors .  Play therapy also incorporates the use of play to teach children concrete coping and social skills.

Play Therapy & Creative Counseling

with Teenagers

While teenagers have the cognitive ability to engage in more traditional "talk therapy" approaches, many teens come into therapy with their guards up and walls out.


Through expressive arts-based and play-therapy interventions in combination with parts-integrated CBT, teens learn that therapy can be a laid-back, creative, and fun experience. I find that this helps them lower those walls allowing them to engage in both talk-based and creative-based processing of thoughts and feelings.